Monday, March 3, 2008

another wbz report

march 3 10pm, wilmington, ma

I didn't receive much down low in the band,
so I revisited the WBZ1030 night-time HD area.

This is peculiar:

--At 1030KHz, the HD indicator turned on and off,
(even w/optimum coil aim) and I never actually
got the fidelity boost...ick. I'm wondering whether
HD gets scuttled as much as it scuttles at night.

--no trace at 1040KHz.

--however, the as-bought radio coil could be nulled
so I got KDKA//Pittsburgh...not bad.

--no trouble at all with WNDS//1010KHz NYNY,
or 1050KHz either..

So....Not much for interference tonight...heh, but
the HD did not work fairly close by.

...oh, wait a sec. I did just get HD on 1030. is weirdl sounding though..I want to
turn off the HD mode. There is a kazoo effect.
I'll have to use another radio.

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