Saturday, March 1, 2008

another FM HD report

Another HD interference test (loc: wilmington, ma)

HD station: 97.7 MHz FM, WKAF, Brockton, MA
reception: excellent
hd-mode: activated on my accurian, 2 channels
content: metal rock, a relay of WAAF
fidelity: hard to say on studio metal (heh)..
but the stereo imaging on live recordings was excellent
dynamics: good...normal CD live dynamics

There is an adjacent station:

97.5 MHz FM, WOKQ, Dover, NH
reception: excellent
mode: normal FM stereo
content: country music
fidelity: a few tunes weren't that great, but
Alabama's "Dixieland Delight" had OK highs
and excellent imaging. So the station's gear is OK.
...odd, cardboardy bass...I suspect the compression..
dynamics: top-flattened slightly

So I have:
----excellent FM HD reception at a range of 40 miles.
----no intereference with a normal FM station 50 miles away
(and only 0.2 MHz)
With an omni antenna.

Once again, I see good FM HDrange, and no interference.

On the downside, a price report:
I saw $199 at Radio Shack for the Accurian,
and $299 for the Boston Acoustics
(they are $149 and $249 online though)

HD is still pricey upfront.

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