Thursday, February 28, 2008

Station Focus WERS FM

Focusing in on WERS-FM, on my Accurian tuner

I got strong clear HD reception here in Wilmington,
on a plain omni antenna
(88.9 MHz WERS, Boston, MA 4KW, ~10miles away).

But what did it do to other channels nearby?

The closest I got were:

88.5 MHz WFCR, Amherst MA (13KW)
(over 100 miles away!) and

89.1 MHz WEVO, Concord NH (about 60 miles)

Both were weak and had noise, just like long ago (10 yrs or so?).
But the fact that they came in and were legible was very impressive.

On FM, I can't see much or any interference from the HD station
over tremendously far away stations adjacent and alternate. Of the two,
89.1 is the bigger's only .2 MHz away. On most FM radios
it would be stepped on, whatever the mode.

Just for laughs, I tried the Sony SRF-M37V (the little digital Walkman).
Danged if I didn't get all 3 stations! (though 89.1 needed a headphone
cord tweak to aim...selectivity is not the best).
I even got 88.5 and 89.1 better than on the Accurian! Wow,
don't underestimate Sony's FM chips. This would be a sweet FMDX
unit up on a hill at night, with your arm and the phone-cord making
a loop.

That's tonight's actuals.

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