Monday, February 25, 2008

HD AM night radio

Focused observation, 02/25/2008, Wilmington MA
Rad.Shack/Accurian HD Radio, AM mode,
small 4" included loop on post

1010 KHz: WNDS NYNY, no problem, almost all azimuth

1020 KHz: Bad Fizzing, can null for other
station reception in narrow 20-deg azimuth range

1030 WBZ AM: HD mode with fiddling, semi-hifi,
with light surging, strong bubbling dynamics

1040 KHz AM: Bad Fizzing, No stations, any azimuth

1050 AM: good station reception, most azimuth of loop

I tried a Grundig S350, narrow-band setting, in-radio antenna:
alomost exactly the same result. 1020 was only good in a
20-degree rotation range, and 1040 was trashed at all angles.
1010 and 1050 were OK.

Tried Sony SRF-M37V (belt-mounted digital portable):
The narrow-and-poor reception area extended to
1010 KHz and 1050 KHz. I am very disappointed on
the 1010 trashing: this is a good NYNY news station
that usually booms in on this Sony no problem.

I enjoy FM HD a lot, and I can't find troubles across
a lot of frequencies and far-off near-freq stations.

AM HD is a whole nother story. It's a little fun in the
daytime, and there's not much to walk on, but at night
it really messes up some AM DX for me, and it even
stomps 1010 in New York, something I didn't even
consider DX at night, it came in so well before.
I think 1010 is losing some key market at night.
I usually check it out on car radio, and there's no
way for me to null that!

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