Monday, March 3, 2008

OK, FM HD station

OK, on to an FM-HD station

104.1 WBCN came in w/HD, fine, w/2 channels

There were only 2 stations listed in within 80 miles near 104.1.

103.7 (Keene, NH) came in fair-poor, as expected for
that distance.

104.5 (Fitchburg) Came in excellent.


I'm noticing something: The FCC allocations for
adjacent/alternate frequency allocations handle this
well. They seem to have better design margin
than AM (which is already a problematic band).

Almost the same story around
102.5 WKLB, the highest fidelity country station I've
ever heard (it has HD, but you still need good gear and
avoiding too much compressor).
There are no adjacent freqs really. (there is 102.3, but I already
know the ridge on the way to Concord clobbers it here)
But the alternates come in fine.

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