Friday, July 18, 2008

The Sony ICF-38

Sony just plain rocks. The ICF-S10MK2
was a surprise for a $10 pocket radio, but
you need more speaker and efficieny for
a room-filler or worksite radio:

The Sony ICF-38 is a great portable radio.
It's a handled portable, AM/FM,
AC or DC power, up to 80 hours
on a set of aa batts, and it has a great
speaker on it...not much bass, but very
efficient,loud, and clear. Enough high bass
for good music and excellent voice.

But, how does it tune?

FM: the AFC is always on and a bit annoying,
but you can still smidge the excellent tuning
for a near full set of stations. Sensitivity
is excellent, selectivity is very good.

AM: sensitivity is very good, but the selectivity.
...that's excellent? With a careful finger I
can very easily pull apart
1010-WNDS(nyny), 1030-WBZ(boston), 1060-(business, Bos)
980(Lowell), 1090-WILD(medford)
This thing will get 740-WJIB even when the pocket Sony
Walkman radios can't.....and that says a lot!

Again, like the pocket $10 sony, I had to use the
mono-to-stereo plug for headphones. But that
sound was really super.

This is a very efficient and loud AM/FM portable,
great for taking your show around the house with
you, bringing on weekends. And the tuners
are great.
The famous GE Superadio-III is gone now.
This is a wonderful replacement.
The biggest thrill of all? This thing is only $25-30!

With all the FM stations, AM low-pow and DX fun,
super price, and portablity.....who needs satellite?
(and those monthly fees, ugh).

Best wishes to Sony, and thanks for staying in the game.
They stripped the TV-audio(which is dieing) and the weather
from the $60 ICF-36, but this has AM/FM that is still hot.
If you still make a profit, the ICF-38 was a brilliant move
to less-is-more. Long may it run, I hope.

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