Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Radio Grove

Long overdue project..

I took my Grundig S350 down to a spot in
the woods where the slope faced Boston,
well away from house wires and power lines.

What's needed to set up a 'radio grove':

---an easy side-trail or woods tramp
to a wind-reduced place

---some light bush clippers
(to get in and make a nice sitting place)

---some closed-cell foam to sit on
(camping mat, yoga mat, or..I stacked a
few foam cafeteria trays)

---radio, and headphones (smart option)
---wire antenna if you like, but keep it simple


Anyway, how did it work?

--Lots of semi-local (daytime) AM stations came
in with that soft, smooth AM static!!!
...BTW, 50 feet out of your house, you lose most

--Great FM/low reception of the Boston-area
campus stations. Weirdly good FM fidelity
...I don't have an explanation. Maybe the ghosts
and reflections from your house wiring fuzz the
reception (?) somehow.

---Shortwave: hey, it was daytime. Not much,
except Evangelical preachers railing against other
Christian factions, "false prophets". It was creepy.
And on Easter? For shame.

Anyway, it was pretty good. I'd like to take a recording
rig for the old-time big band music from some local
AM sometime. I think a higher location would be
nice for FM. Still, I should look into the fidelity
improvement there in Radi-Grove #1.

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