Saturday, March 8, 2008

mystery station

I'm getting this all-elevator-music
station at 90.5 FM, with only slogan
announcements, no station ID for hours
and hours.

Its' content doesn't match any schedule on the
web for 90.5 WICN / Worcester or
90.5 WSMA / Scituate. Not even for
WSPS/Concord-NH or WPEA/Exeter-NH
(low-power school stations, anyway)

I keep listening. I get on the Accurian, but
also on the Walkman, and on the car radio
faintly, sometimes walking over WICN/Worcester.

Most peculiar....nothing I can find online about it.



I found out the source of the weirdness:
according to the FCC database, about 6 new stations (!)
have been awarded licenses, most not assigned call letters yet.
They are all in the 70, 100, or 150 watt power range, and
are scattered about southern NH. This is just at 90.5 MHz, mind you.

And they all look like fundamentalist Christian stations.
Some sort of "Cellular-Jesus" service. A rather spectacular
feat of church-n-state, if it happens other frequencies and places.
It completely crushes the college FMDX fun, that's for sure.
By swamping the frequency with one content.
What's that you say? Freedom of speech? Um....
....I see no Jewish radio, no Hindu radio (a few
hours of cool Bollywood music on a local campus doesn't count),
no Islam, ..........
get the picture? Prepare to drown, parts of the campus radio band!


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