Sunday, March 9, 2008

More LPFM sprawl

On the FCC database,
88.1 MHz, new stuff, Mass:
--provincetown, to "athens christian radio"
--housatonic, to "calvary chapel of the berkeshires"
--great barrington, (1 KW!!) to "foothills public radio"
--edgartown, "foothills public radio"
No call letters for these yet.

As for the MITRE no-interference claims,
the filler music on 90.5, somewhere in NH,
has already ruined my most-Sundays jazz listening
on WICN. So much for that. Perhaps the standard
is reception on a pocket radio worse than a Sony

NOW: if you link these together via repeater,
you can achieve more complete (and less shadowed)
coverage than a high-power. It's simple Physics.
This is analogous to the use of bomblets in war.

I need to revive my efforts in antennas, maybe.
Rhombic, perhaps? Maybe I'll see how bad it gets
first. I love the campus stations. This could hurt.

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