Monday, February 18, 2008

sort of a radio experience

I tried the XM satellite channels on the airplane on the way here. I used my fairly hi-fi sealed earbuds. The selection was OK, but not much for breaking talent like the FM back home. There was this sizzley-bubbly sound at the high end that was kind of annoying. I heard that on a system at a Radio Shack once too. I had to bring my own headphones to test at the Rad.Shack. They always demo with those little 1-way boombox speakers. I wonder if that's why. My daughter is even more bugged by it. It's like the squirmies on the lower-grade MP3. Anyway, my daughter listened on the giveaway earphones from the airline. They cut out the squirm. So it seems lo-fi speakers or earphones help. If your ears are hi-fi, that is. I wish they sacrificed some channels for fidelity, and maybe some human feel or localization on the playlist.

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